Monday, July 25, 2011

Indiana University Archaeologists Destroy 2000 Year Old Solar Marker at Mounds State Park

Mounds State Park Solar Alignments

Map of the solar Alignments of the Summer and Winter solstices at Mounds State Park.  Each of the alignments was marked by the burial mound that was once in the center of the henge.  Solar alignments were discovered by E. Davis of Muncie, Indiana who shared his findings with Ball State archaeologists, who quickly took credit for his discovery.

Indiana University archaeologist destroys the Adena Hopewell burial mound within the central platform of the large henge at Mounds State Park.  The mound was completely leveled by Indiana University archaeologist who were ignorant of its importance as a solar marker for 2000 years.

Today, there is no remnant of the burial mound within the central platform at Mound State Park's largest henge.  Despite the importance of the central mound as a solar marker, the DNR who oversees the earthworks has no plans to reconstruct it.  The DNR has left an open door to university archaeologists who have damaged all of the earthworks in the park, rarely ever even covering the holes that they dig.

   The ineptness of the DNR's supervision of the park is most evident in what I call the "lost henge" or "lost earthwork" in the Mounds Sate Park.  It would be a reasonable assumption that if there was a 2000 year old earthwork that was aligned to the winter solstice sunrise, that it might warrant being preserved.  On the contrary the DNR built a hiking trail over one of the embankments and it does not even warrant a sign, designating that it is there.
These are the two earthworks that the DNR decided were not worth preserving, yet they are still visible if you know where to go, within Mounds State Park.  The circular work has a diameter of 150 feet that is identical to the measurements of the central platform of the largest henge, where Indiana University archaeologist destroyed the burial mound that served as a solar marker. Other henges with the same sized central platforms of 150 feet were found at Cambridge City, Indiana, Chillicothe Ohio and at Athens County, Ohio.
This is the trail at Mounds State Park that goes over the embankment of the 2000 year old earthwork that is a solar calendar.  Not recognizing burial mounds and earthwork and having university archaeologists destroy what is there is not "preserving" anything.

Get directions to 85 burial mound and earthworks sites in Indiana and 222 overall in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan.

Also, if you are planning a trip to Mounds State Park, discover the meanings of the various shapes of the earthworks and their measurements. See how the earthwork complex at Mounds State Park was dedicated to the Earth Mother and the birth of the Sun God.  There is a lot to see at Mounds State Park if you knew what to look for. There is one burial mound at the park, but the DNR won't tell you where it is....but I will.