Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is the Mothman the Demon Pazuzu?

The Sumerian Demon  Pazuzu

 With clear ties between the Adena and the ancient Nephilim, is it possible that who we call Mothman is a reincarnation of the Sumerian demon called Pazuzu?
     From the Amorite Babylonians came a demon called Pazuzu. It is that winged, dog faced creature they find at the beginning of the movie, the Excorcist.  Native Americans drew a giant dog faced winged creature on a cliff in Alton Illinois and another in Logan County, KY, with tales that this creature haunted the extent of the river that would have included the Ohio Valley and Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Native Americans called this creature, Piasu. 

   It is also of interest that both Alton Illinois and Logan County Ken tucky are known for their paranormal activity.

  Piasu that was on the rock face at Alton, Illinois.  Was this a depiction of the Mothman?
    Early depiction of Piasu at Alton, Illinois

Another Piasu was depicted on a rock face in Logan County, Ketucky

The Piasu

“On the flat face of a high rock were painted
in red, black and green a pair of
monsters, each as large as a calf,
with horns like a deer, red eyes, a
beard like a tiger, and a frightful 
expression of countenance.

The face is something like
that of a man, the body covered with
scales; and the tail so long that it
passes entirely around the body, 

over the head and between the legs"

Is it a coincidence that these  demons with similar physical attributes and names are actually the same demon known as Piazu?

    On a trip to photograph a burial mound in Gallipolis, Ohio that is located on the opposite side of the Ohio River from Point Pleasant, I encountered the only paranormal activity in my years of burial mound research.  It wasn't until I arrived home that I was told about the Mothman.

This is a photograph of the burial mound at the Gallipolis, Ohio cemetery that sits on a high bluff overlooking the Ohio River.

View from the cemetery at Gallipolis, Ohio.  In the distance is the famous bridge that collapsed.  More significant is the mouth of the Kanawha River.  The Kanawha flows to Charleston West Virginia that was the capital city of the Adena (Allegewi)  mound builders.  Large burial mounds and giant skeletons were found in great numbers in the city of Charleston.

One of two henges at Charlestown, West Virginia with a circumference of 666

This is a closeup of the earlier pic.  It was after taking this photo that a voice asked, "Nice evening, isn't it?"  I looked behind me and no one was there.  I shrugged it off, as a sound anomaly.  Afterward, when I was leaving, the steering wheel of the car yanked left at the exit.  Again drove around the cemetery back to the exit, that went down the steep hill. I was looking for a hole in the road that could have yanked the wheel so violently, but there was none. Again, the steering wheel yanked left, and again I went back around the cemetery. To escape, I opened my door, placed my left foot on the ground and walked the car to the exit.
It wasn't until I got home that I learned of the Mothman and a friend pointed out this face, in the photograph.