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California Native Americans: Ancient Giant Human Skeletons Found on San Nicolas Island, California

The Channel Islands Were Once Populated by California Native Americans Who Were A Maritime People.

Newark Daily Advocate, (Newark, Ohio) July 12, 1897

Ghastly Indian Relics

Bones of a Giant Race on San Nicolas Islands

     After nearly three weeks’ sojourn on the barren island of San Nicolas a party of relic hunters reached Long Beach, Cal., loaded with skeletons, skulls and ancient implements and ornaments of stone and shells, the remains of Indian tribes which inhabited the now almost desert waste in bygone ages.
There were 11 in the party which left Long Beach in the gasoline schooner San Clemente for San Nicolas Island, which lies 65 miles off the coast from Santa Barbara. Four days were occupied in the journey to the island owing to the dense fogs, and after landing the party the schooner returned to Long Beach and the explorers were left to their work.
The party found 87 skulls buried in the sand of the island, but were only able to secure three entire. They made one excavation 20 feet square in which they found nine skeletons in a crouching attitude, as though men, women and children had been buried alive. In another place they found the remains of hundreds of bodies that had been burned, and some of the party believe that cremation was practiced by the ancient people of the island.
Positive evidence was found that the island was inhabited by two or more different races in the dim past, one of which was of great size, a peculiar characteristic being gigantic jawbones. Some of the specimens of the latter brought by the party are almost large enough to slip over the head of an ordinary man. Mr. Longfellow, one of the party, speaking of the trip, said:
“One of the most interesting relics brought back by us was part of a skeleton of a large man in whose bones a long bone spear point was sticking. In the shattered skull was a big round stone used as a war implement. The spear passed near the heart and entirely through the shoulder blade. I am sure that two different races fought and died on the island, as most of the bodies were of moderate size while some were almost giants. The latter were always in isolated graves. We found many implements and weapons of stone, but all are very crude and show almost no ornamentation-San Francisco Chronicle.

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