Saturday, August 20, 2011

9 Foot Human Skeleton Unearthed in Montana

9 Foot Human Skeleton Unearthed in Montana

The Alto Star, May 1, 1937
Prehistoric Relics Unearthed in Montana
      Wonderful finds of fossills and bones of prehistoric animals are being made in the Fish Creek country, Montana, by Professor Marchus S. Farr, and a party of students from Princeton college. The remains of a stone age city have been found in which the bones of animals of great size, along with stone implements of all kinds, many of which are ornamented with gems. In a mound near the creek were found the almost complete skeleton of a man. The bones showed that the man, when alive, measured nearly nine feet in height, and was of powerful build. Nearby was a skeleton of a woman, a trifle smaller in size.  Who were these giant people? At the foot was a skeleton of an animal that resembled the dog of today except the animal must have been as large as a small horse.

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