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New York History Reveals Giant Nephilim Skeletons in Jefferson County, New York

New York History Reveals Giant Nephi  and Jaredite Skeletons in Jefferson County, New York
          Diagram of Ancient Fort in Jefferson County, New York. Evidence that these works may have been constructed by the Nephi

Aboriginal Traces.— In Rodman are still discernible traces of the Indian occupation. Near the residence of Edward Dillon (formerly Jared Freeman, and so marked on the accompanying diagram) is an interesting aboriginal work. It is located on lot No. 1, on the farm of the late Royal Fuller, in a gently sloping field near a small tributary of Stony creek. A plan of this work was made in 1850 under the direction of Mr. Freeman, who was familiar with it when every part was distinctly visible, and the following description was then made: It consists of a double bank, with an intervening crescent-shaped space, and a short bank running down to the stream. The latter may have been the remains of a beaver dam, or a covered way to the water. Beaver dams were common on the stream, but this had not their general appearance. Within the enclosure there was plowed up a large quantity of corn, which was found scattered over an area of about one rod by eight rods. It appeared as if charred by fire or exposure to the elements. This spot must have been an immense cache, or place for concealing corn. In all several hundred bushels were revealed by the plow. Charred corn was not found elsewhere, though adjoining fields furnished large quantities of stoneware and earthenware fragments. Just inside the enclosure is a large bowlder of gneiss rock, in which may be seen two or three broad yet shallow depressions, doubtless worn by grinding stone implements. These smooth depressions were twelve inches across, and from one to two inches deep. No other part of the mass presented a like smooth surface. Directly upon the mound stood a pine stump three feet in diameter.  Ancient Fort in New York where giant humans were found. Nephi?

History of Jefferson County, N.Y., 1878
Near the north-west corner of Rodman, on lot number two, on the farm of Jared Freeman, was formerly an interesting work, of which no trace remains, except a boulder of gneiss, worn smooth by grinding. Before the place had been cultivated, it is said to have shown an oval double bank, with an intervening crescent-shaped space, and a short bank running down a gentle slope to a small stream, on of the sources of Stony Creek, that flows near. Several hundred bushels of burnt corn were turned out, over an area one rod by eight, showing that this must have been an immense magazine of food. On the farm of Jacob Heath, on lot No. 25, near the west line of Rodman, and on the north bank of North Sandy Creek, a short distance above the confluence of the two main branches of that stream, there formerly existed an enclosure of the same class. It included about three acres, was overgrown with heavy timber, and furnished within and without, when plowed, a great quantity and variety of terra cotta, in fragments, but not metallic relics. Under the roots of a large maple was dug up the bones of a man of great stature, and furnished with entire rows of double teeth. Legends persist around the world of an ancient race of giants with double row of teeth 

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Indian legends say that some of these works were constructed by White Indians