Friday, August 5, 2011

Nephilim Skeletons Found Near Ancient Fort at St. Lawrence County, New York

Nephilim Skeletons Found Near Ancient Fort at St. Lawrence County, New York

A series of earthen forts were constructed from the St. Lawrence River in New York, west across the southern tier of the Great Lakes.

History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New York - 1853
      In the town of MaComb, St. Lawrence County, are found traces of three trench enclosures, and several places where beds of ashes mark the site of ancient hearths. One of these was on the farm of William Houghton, on the bank of Birch Creek, and enclosed the premises now used as a mill yard. It is somewhat in the form of a semi-circle; the two ends resting on the creek, and might have enclosed half and acre… On an adjoining hill, now partly occupied by an orchard, traces of an ancient work formerly existed, but this has also been obliterated.   In the pond adjoining there was found, many years since, a skeleton, said to have been of great size.

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