Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nephilim Giants in Carthage, Africa With a Double Row of Teeth

Nephilim Remains Found With a Double Row of Teeth

Trilithons similar to those at Stonehenge in Tripoli, North Africa. The haunt of the early Amorite metal traders.

Amorite Influence had spread across North Africa to the British Isles where one group of the Amorites was known as the Fomorians (Muru or Amorites) who were also known for their giant size and double rows of teeth.

The Giants of Wales by Chris Grooms
Carthage, North Africa
    And in the time of Hadrrian the Emperor, there was raised from the earth, in a place called Messana, the body of the giant called Ida, who was twenty feet in length and who had a double sets of teeth or teeth or two rows of teeth still standing completly preserved in his head or in his gums.

Worlds Before Our Own By Brad Steiger published by Berkley Publishing
   The Babylonian Talmud, a Jewish sacred book, refers to a giant possessing the same twin set of dentures.