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Neanderthal Looking Skulls Uncovered in San Francisco California Shell Mound

Neanderthal  Looking Skulls Uncovered in San Francisco California Shell Mound Oakland Tribune, August 24, 1896


Remarkable Discovery Made at Shell Mound Park

Photos shows a series of "primitive" looking skulls associated with the Maritime Archaic.  On the far left is the Penon woman who is one of the oldest skulls found in North America at 7000 BC.  The middle skull is from a shell mound in Alabama that whose skeletal remains were described as "large."  To the right is s skull that was described as the "missing link," from Santa Barbara California. Human Neanderthal Hybrid Discovered in the former USSR

   "An interesting discovery has been made at Shell Mound Park, where the skeleton of a prehistoric race of Indians was excavated. These skeletons are of a race unknown at present and are undoubtedly of great antiquity.
They were discovered in a shell mound on the west side of the racetrack. The mound is the usual kind, formed of shells, and is about ten feet high and 100 yards in length. Men were digging in the ground in order to investigate the soil, when their spades struck against bones.
A skull was laid bare. The skull was of the most unusual formation and appearance. Professor John Merriam of the State University was immediately sent for and work was suspended until he arrived." Neanderthal Skulls Found in Santa Barbara, California

Shell mound where the "ape like" skulls were uncovered. Archaeologists still hang on to the Berengia Theory despite all of the evidence that the Maritime Archaic from Japan (Joman) came here along with their European counterparts. Skull types,  and skeletal remains of large size are identical across the northern latitudes of the globe.
Artifacts, such as the plummet or "charm Stone" can also be found across the globe.

   "Professor Merriam went to work himself and very carefully dug for the remains. In a short space of time three skeletons were discovered. The skeletons are of ordinary size and the most extra-ordinary characteristic about them is the shape of the skulls. They are more like the skulls of apes than human beings, and present a type of an unusually degraded and depraved race of Indians. There is little or no forehead and the lower part of the skull is shaped like an ape’s.
Professor Merriam declares he has never seen any skulls like these, although they bear a strong resemblance to the heads of the Flat Head Indians, former residents of the more northern coast.
The skeletons are undoubtedly of great antiquity, as a careful study shows that they have laid beneath the mound for many hundreds of years. The mound itself is formed like other shell mounds. The peculiar race of Indians, who lived along the coast, camping on the very shore of the ocean, existed principally on shellfish. As soon as they devoured the fishes they probably threw the shells beside their campfire. As time went by, these piles grew into small mounds of various heights. The mound recently excavated is at least ten feet in height and at one time probably stood close to the waves of the ocean.
That the skeletons were there before the mound was built is proved upon examination. The remains were found below the skulls and beneath strata of ashes. The ashes were undisturbed and formed a two-inch covering over the bones.
The question now arises, how the ashes came there? The bodies were probably placed two or three inches below the surface and a covering of ashes above them as an additional protection from the air, or it may have been that the ashes were thrown there in an entirely accidental manner, as the result of a camp fire. The fact that the ashes were there however proves that the relics are ancient. Seven or eight skeletons have been taken out, but they are badly broken condition. They are in the possession of Prof. Merriam.

Human Neanderthal Hybrid Discovered in the former USSR

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 Article from "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley"