Thursday, February 16, 2012

Indiana University Archaeologists Desecrate Another Indian Burial Mound

Indiana University Archaeologists Desecrate Another Indian Burial Mound

Large Natve American burial  mound being dug into by Indiana University.  Best evidence points to Iroquois or Sioux origins of this burial mound making it a Federal crime to dig in to.

  Archaeology students from  Indiana University desecrate yet another Native American burial  mound in Sullivan County, Indiana near Fairbanks.  Indiana University archaeologists, who after 100 years of excavating Native American burial mounds have come to the conclusion that they don't know who the mound builders were, where they came from nor where they went, continue their rampage of Indiana's antiquities by turning their attention to the destruction of yet another burial mound site.
Large hole left by Indiana University Archaeologist in the Fairbanks mound.  Digging a hole in a Native American grave, stealing whatever artifacts or skeletal remains and then leaving the site in ruins is typical.  

      The most revealing information of these ancient inhabitants would be uncovered in the excavation of a village site, but to date archaeologist have never found nor looked for this treasure trove of information; instead, finding it much more expedient to dig into the burial mounds.
  Miami Indians who call themselves the Sullivan County American Indian Council gave the go ahead to desecrate the ancient remains of what could be either Sioux or Iroquois burials.  The "Council" is believed to be of Miami Indian heritage who were never known to have buried their dead in burial mounds.
USGS map showing the location of the burial noted as "Indian" burial mound. There are 85 burial mound and earthwork sites that I have discovered in Indiana. An archaeologist may know of 20.  Since I have directions to these 85 sites in "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley" All of these sites are in dangers of being destroyed by Indiana University archaeologists.

Story of the Indiana University archaeologists excavation of the Iroquois or Sioux burial mound in Sullivan County, Indiana.

  The sad part of this is that the ancient Sioux and Iroquois believed in ancestral worship and went to great lengths to bury their dead and would never never never allow anyone to touch this sacred ground.

   According to the Native American Graves Protection Act digging in to a "known" grave of a tribal affiliation is a Federal Crime.  Indiana University archaeologist seem to be exempt from law.  They control the message and as long as they dont call them Iroquois or Sioux they can dig at will.

Preserved, Ancient Indian would be a destination for travelers all over the world. For all of the burial mounds and earthworks in Indiana, Largest Indian mounds and burial sites are Here