Thursday, March 8, 2012

Encounter with the Mothman Demon at Point Pleasant West Virginia

  Encounter with the Mothman Demon at Point Pleasant West Virginia 

      Several years ago while photographing burial mounds and earthworks for the book, "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ruins in the Ohio Valley," I had an encounter with a ghost, demon or something that defied any explanation. I had spent a long day going to sites down the Ohio River, going back and forth from Ohio into West Virginia.  The last site for the day was at Gallipolis, Ohio that is across the river from Point Pleasant West Virginia.  A mound was listed as being in the city cemetery that sat on a high bluff overlooking the Ohio River.

The burial mound at the Gallipolis, Ohio in the Mound Hill Cemetery had been nearly leveled and a gazebo placed on its top.
     After taking this photo, I walked over to the bluff and looked out over the Ohio River.  I was especially intrigued by the fact that I was also looking at the mouth of the Kanawha River because I was going to follow this river to Charleston West Virginia to photograph the mound sites there. In Charleston were henges hat measured 666 feet in circumference, many mounds and one of the largest concentrations of giant skeletons in the Ohio Valley. Knowing the significance of the mouth of the Kanawha I was surprised that more mounds were not constructed at this site.
    Generally I do not take landscape photos, but the mouth of the Kanawha was significant and so I raised my camera for a photo.  As I took the pic, a voice said "Nice evening, isn't it?"  I looked around, and I was the only person in the cemetery, and thought it strange, but was probably a voice that had carried for a distance somewhere from the bottom of the bluff.
   I got in the car to leave and drove the short distance around the cemetery to the steep incline back down the hill, when the steering wheel jerked hard to the left. I missed the drive and had to go back around the cemetery.  My thought was that I had hit a pothole that had pushed the wheel to the left.  As I drove back around, I was looking ahead and saw no hole in the drive, and as I approached, the steering wheel began to turn to the left all on its own.
   Missing the exit again, I knew something was up.  I got back to the exit, opened my door, placed my left foot on the ground a walked the car to the exit and partially down the hill.
   When I had returned home, I told a friend about the experience  and he asked if I knew about  the Mothman.  I did not.  He said there was a movie called the Mothman Phrophecies, and I should rent it, and I did.  Really?
   I looked again at the photo I had taken overlooking the Ohio River and clearly saw a face. I presumed  it is who asked "Nice evening, isn't it?" I can not help but think there is a connection with Mothman and the mound builders.

Photo taken at the time of the voice saying "Nice evening, isn't it?"  To the right of the statue a face is visible. Is it the Mothman?  Is it some other ghost?  Is it a demon?   In the distance can be seen the bridge that collapsed and the mouth of the Kanawha River.

Another view of the face that is visible to the right of the statue.  

  I did some additional research  that said some of the people who had died in the bridge collapse were buried in this cemetery.  Further, the Mothman had been sighted in a tree at this cemetery.