Monday, May 7, 2012

Giant Skeletons With Double Rows of Teeth, Found on Santa Rosa Island California

Large Human Skeletons Uncovered on Santa Rosa Island, California

    Remains of giant human Native Americans have been found the extent of America's coasts. Many of these remains had "primitive' skull types that were confused with Neanderthal by early researchers. In San Francisco California these "primitive" were found in an Indian burial ground in the city.   More of these skull types were found in the Channel Islands, giving credibility to the theory that these represented a migration from the Maritime Archaic of Europe and Asia who had spread across the northern latitudes, leaving an identical material culture behind along with these strange skulls and large skeletons. California Channel Island Giants and More Channel Island giants

Bancroft’s Native Races, 1882,

Further Bacroft writes, “Mr. Taylor heard from a resident of San Buenaventura that “ in recent stay on Santa Rosa Island, in 1861, he often met with entire skeletons of Indians in the caves. The signs of their rancherias were very frequent, and the remains of metates, mortars, earthen pots, and other utensils, and other utensils very common. Extensive caves were met with which seemed to serve as burial places of the Indians, as entire skeletons and numerous skulls were plentifully scattered about in their recesses.” Some very wonderful skulls are also reported as having been found on the islands, furnished with double teeth all the way round the jaw.”

Near Comox, one hundred and thirty miles northwest of Victoria, a group of mounds were examined in 1872-3, and found to be built of sea sand and black mold, mixed with some shells. They were from five to fifty yards in circumference. In one by the side of a very large skull was deposited a piece of coal; and in another with a very peculiar flattened skull was a child’s tooth.