Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photographic Essay of Stonehenge

Photographic Essay of Stonehenge

Mowing Stonehenge

Old Tractor photographed at Stonehenge

Stonehenge early photograph with bi-plane and blimp

Early photo of Stonehenge trilithon

Photo of Stonehenge heelstone

Stonehenge in the background along with a large burial mound

Early Druid festival at Stonehenge

Stonehenge restoration

Early turn of the century Duid festival at Stonehenge

Stonehenge trilithon

Stonehenge trilithons and heelstone in the background

Stonehenge photographed from the southwest

Restoring a trilithon at Stonehenge

Stonehenge from the south

Stonehenge from the southeast

Stonehenge with the heelstone that aligns to the summer solstice sunrise

Stonhenge trilithons

Monday, February 25, 2013

Japhet's Sacrifice of his Daughter

Japhet's Sacrifice of his Daughter

And Jephthah made a vow to the LORD: “If you give the Ammonites into my hands, whatever comes out of the door of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites will be the LORD’s, and I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering.” (Judges 11:31)
After the two months, she returned to her father, and he did to her as he had vowed. (Judges 11:39)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photographs of Giant Human Skeletons

Photographs of Giant Human Skeletons

Montage of giant human skeletons that are all fake.  From other posts I have made, this is the disinformation that is being disseminated by academia.  Note they used my Book Cover  to discredit me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ancient Egypt Pharaohs and the Nephilim

Blonde and Red Haired Egyptian Pharaohs
Ancient Egypt Facts

     Recently the same type of tall skeletons have been revealed across the world associated with a pyramid building culture. (See previous post and short video)


Nephilim Pyramids in China

   Nephilim pyramids in China are highlighted in this short video along with photographs of their gigantic mummified remains.

Native American Legend of Red Haired Giants are Linked to the Japanese Ainu

Spirit Cave Man
The Indian Legend of Red Haired Giants

     7.400 B.C. mummified remains were discovered in Nevada.  The long headed Caucasian     skeletal remains have been called the Spirit Man.  Similar Caucasian finds were discovered in Nevada that led archaeologists to ally themselves with the Paiute Indians to claim the remains as their own. This invoked NAGPRA and just like that, the bones and the controversy were all gone as was the evidence.  

The archaeologist interviewed is correct in stating that the Spirit Cave remains were part of the Ainu from the Japanese Islands.  A Maritime people had circumnavigated the world as early as 8000 BC, and spread across the northern latitudes.  Similar skeletal types, burial types and material culture can be found on America's Atlantic shores.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cherokee Indian Legends of Fairies and Red Haired Women

Cherokee Indian Legends of Fairies and Red Haired Women

Cherokee Legend of Fairies and Red Haired Woman

 Another god invoked in the hunting songs is Tsu´l’kalĂ»´, or “Slanting Eyes” (see Cherokee Myths), a giant hunter who lives in one of the great mountains of the Blue Ridge and owns all the game. Others are the Little Men, probably the two Thunder boys; the Little People, the fairies who live in the rock cliffs; and even the De´tsata, a diminutive sprite who holds the place of our Puck. One unwritten formula, which could not be obtained correctly by dictation, was addressed to the “Red-Headed Woman, whose hair hangs down to the ground.”

Cherokee's Bee-hive tombs, legends of fairies, giants and a religion based on the supreme sun god are all very similar to Scottish legends.