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9 Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Noble County, Indiana

9 Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Noble County, Indiana

Burial Mound located in Noble County, Indiana.  From, "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins of the Ohio Valley."  Large skeletons were described in several of the mounds that were excavated.  The giants of northern Indiana were an extension of the Maritime Archaic that originated in Northern Europe, more info here

Skeleton of a Giant Unearthed in Indiana by Workmen
     Relics of a prehistoric age are being brought to light in Noble County.  The find is in York township, where workmen excavating for a public highway found the skeleton of an inhabitant of early days.
   The bones indicate that the person was fully 9 feet tall.  The bones are unusually large and the position of the skeleton when found indicated that the body had been interred in a sitting position. The belief is advanced that the remains are those of a mound builder.
  Other discoveries in the same neighborhood indicate that York township was inhabited years before the Red Man set foot on Hoosier soil.  Noble County is believed to have been the burial place of a large number of mound builders.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nephilim Giant Remains Discovered in Burial Mound in New York

Nephilim Giant Remains Discovered in Burial Mound in New York

Rochester New York Journal
October 10, 1936
Workmen on Harlem Road Uneaeth Relics
   "KATONAH, N. Y.. Septemeber 6- While a gang of men in the employ of the New York and Harlem Railroad were taking sand from an immense mound near Purdy's Station today to fill in excavation they unearthed several skeletons of unusual size.
    The bones are believed to be those of Indians who once lived in this vicinity and belonged to a tribe that was led by the great Chief Teekus, from whom the Titicus Valley, now part of the New York watershed takes its name.  Besides finding the bones, the workman also exhumed a score or more of arrowheads, hatchets, and copper implements.  It is believed the large mound in which the relics were found was once the burying ground of the Teekus Indians.  The last of the Indians was seen in the valley a short time after the Revolutionary War.
    The bones found today were brought to Katonah and will be reinterred in the local cemetery."

  The giant skeletal remains are likely far older than the Teekus tribe.  The fact that copper implements were mentioned would date the find to around 1500 B.C.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

9 Foot Mummified Remains of a Nephilim Giant in California

9 Foot Mummified Remains of a Nephilim Giant in California

The World, October 7, 1895
Nine Feet High and Probably a California Indian
Measurement Well Authenticated
Other Big Men and Women of Fact and Fable Who Are Famous Types if Giantism

“The corpse of the biggest man that ever lived has been dug up near San Diego California. At all events there is no satisfactory read in ancient or modern history of any human being nearly so tall. The mummy-for in such a condition the remains were found-is that of a person would have been about nine feet high inlife. This makes allowances for the shrinkage, which may be pretty closely calculated.

As to the accuracy in the estimate therecan no question, as the cadaver has been carefully inspected and measured by Prof. Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology in the Smithsonian Institution, and by otherscientists. The tapeline even now registers the length from heel to top of the head at eight feet four inches.

The mummy is that of an Indian and is almost certainly prehistoric, though its age cannot be determined with any sort of accuracy. Historical records of the part of California where it was found go back for at least 250 years, and they make no mention of any man of gigantic stature. How much older the body may be must be left open to conjecture. Its preservation, its preservation is no matter of surprise, in that arid region the atmospheric conditions are such that a corpse buried in the dry season might very well become perfectly desiccated before the arrival of the rains, and thus be rendered permanently proof against decay.

The body was found in a cave by a party of prospectors. Over the head are the remnants of a leather hood. The man was well advanced in years.

It has been stated that the man must have surpassed in height any giant of whom there is an historical record. This is unquestionably true so far as the last two centuries are concerned, and accounts of older dates are not well authenticated. Indeed they grow more and more apocryphal as distant in time increases.”

Actual photo of the 9 foot mummified remains of the Nephilim Giant found in Calfornia.  Note that this was the photo used in the newspaper article above.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nephilim's Graveyard of the Kings near the Newark, Ohio Earthworks

Nephilim's Graveyard of the Kings near the Newark, Ohio Earthworks

Located in a small town, north of Newark, Ohio have been found gigantic human remains in all of the burial mounds.  In one of the mounds a megalithic bee-hive tomb with a keystone at the top was uncovered. 

The large burial mound at Homer, Ohio is visible in the foreground. Across the road is the city cemetery where two henges or earthen sun temples were described near the creek bank.  The creek has carved out this peninsula that overlooks the northern bottomlands.  

Licking County, Ohio
History of Licking County, Ohio 1881

The largest and most entire is at the village of Homer. Perhaps fifty years ago, a party of five or six settlers agreed to examine this mound in search of curiosities. They dug down about fifteen feet, but found nothing of value. In 1824 near an old fort, the outlines of which are still visible, on the bank of the creek adjoining the Homer cemetery, a very large human skeleton was found. It is stated that the jawbone would go over the face of the largest man present, with two hands placed between.

Along the highland were once numerous mounds. In this mound at Homer 3 Nephilim skeletons were uncovered, two being over 7 feet and one over 8.

Bee hive tombs within a burial mound in North Carolina that contained a large skeleton over 7 feet in height.  Megalithic stuctures within burial mounds associated with the Adena, may result in revising their appearance back to 2000-2500 B.C. 

Licking County, Ohio
History of Licking County, Ohio 1881

      One is on the farm formerly owned by Robert Fulton, one mile west of Homer. There were three mounds here, but one was plowed away and leveled in the preparation of the ground upon which to build the house, so that two only remain upon this place. Under the center of one of these was discovered, some years since, a circular building of stone, about ten feet in diameter and three feet in height, regularly built, dome shaped, and having on the top as keystone a large stone.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Adena Hopewell Mound Builder Earthworks Discovered in Chillicothe, Ohio

New Adena Hopewell Earthworks Discovered in Chillicothe, Ohio

Map is from Squire and Davis "Ancient Monuments" 1848, showing two henge groups on the North Fork of Paint Creek.  A "Henge" is a circular earthwork (generally) with an an outer wall and interior ditch with a singular gateway that aligns to a solar event.

The large donut shape in the field is a large henge that were consistently 660 feet in circumference or 210 feet in diameter.  The dark spot in the center is from a burial mound that was once in the center.  The earthwork to the east of this is barely visible, but was thought to have been mostly erased by the plow. This discovery was originally published in "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."

The largest henge at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana is 660 feet in circumference. The ditch on the interior is 30 feet in width.

The earthworks depicted to the south were called by Squire and Davis, The Junction Group.  The two henges to the northwest are both 210 feet in diameter or 660 feet in circumferenceThe Junction Group henges are of a later date that is recognized by the decreased size of the interior ditches.  

From Google Earth, the earthwork on the left is easily visible. It appears as if there is still some elevation of the outer earthen wall and the interior ditch is still discernable. To the northeast,  the second earthwork is visible with walls of greater width than the henge to the east.  It is possible that the shape of this earthwork could have been more rectangular, like the earthwork located just to the south.  In contrast to the Squire and Davis map, the gateways of the two henges appear facing each other.  Nearly all of the henges had a gateway that would align with one of the solar events.  The gateway of the western henge is aligned to the summer solstice sunrise. The eastern henge is gateway faces the southwest for the winter solstice sunset.


Large Adena mounds were once numerous around Chillicothe, but have all been destroyed by farming or the Ohio Historical Society.  A burial mound as large as the one above, can still be viewed north of Chillicothe.

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Photos and Images of Nephilim Giants in North America

Photos and Images of Nephilim Giants in North America

  Hundreds of reports of giant skeletons unearthed in North America was published in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."  This short video highlights some of the most compelling photographs of giant human remains.