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Ancient Giant Humans Grave is Discovered in Athens, New York

An Ancient Giant Humans Grave is Discovered in Athens, New York

      Discovery of a giant Native American's grave in Athens County, Ohio. 

Towanda New York Daily Review, April 19, 1916

The Grave of a Human Giant
    Visitors go up on Pisgah almost every pleasant day.  Mrs. Atwater, who is still making some improvements, is still there and Mr. Vontrell of Mansfield is there and drives the team down occasionally for visitors.  The Athens Historical society sent word to the mountain that they would visit it next Saturday.  They claimed to know of an Indian grave on top that they would open.  The only Indian grave we ever know of there says the Troy Gazette, was on on the south point of the mountain on the farm of Chas. W. Hooker.  A very large thigh bone of a human bieng was dug up 45 years ago at the point near the spring.
   It was of immense size, and on its being shown to Dr. Theodore Wilder, he said it must have belongewd to a man 7 feet high. "There were giants in those days."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mass Grave of Giant Nephilim are Discovered by Scientists in Pennsylvania

Mass Grave of Giant Humans Discovered by Scientists in Pennsylvania

Wellsboro Gazette, September 21, 1916
   Rev. George Donhue of Coudersport who is a Pennsylvania State Historian in company with Prof. A. R. Skinner of the American Indian Museum and Prof. W. K. Morehead of the Phillips Andover Academy has been conducting a research party of the valley of the Susquehanna.  They have uncovered an Indian mound at Tioga Point, on the upper portion of the Queen Esther flats, a short distance from Sayre.  In the mound were found the bodies of 68 men, which are believed to have been buried 700 years ago.  The average height of these men when the skeletons were assembled was seven feet while many were taller.  Further evidence of their gigantic size was found in large stone axes in the grave.
     Rev. Donahue and his companion way that it is the first discovery of its kind on record.  The skull and a few bones were shipped to the American Indian Museum.

9 Foot Giant Nephilim is Carved from Wood by an Eyewitness to an Archaeological Dig

9 Foot Giant Nephilim is Carved from Wood by an Eyewitness to an Archaeological Dig

Mr. Huntington is standing next to the 9-foot human giant that he carved from wood. Measurements of this ancient giant that was excavated from a burial mound were confirmed by the State Geologist.

History of Cattaraugus County New York  1879
   "About two miles south of the village of Rutledge, in the town of Connewango, on lot No. 45, at a point about sixty rods east of Connewango Creek and near the residence of Norman E. Cowen, there was discovered by the first pioneers of this section a sepulcher mound, nearly circular in form, and having an entire circumference of 170 feet.  The height of the mound was about 12 feet.  Mr Cheney spoke of this work as "having the appearance of being constructed with the ditch outside of the mound as in Druid Barrows..."
   Within the mound there were discovered 9 human skeletons, which had been buried in a sitting posture and at regular intervals of space, in the form of a circle, and facing towards a common center.  There were some slight appearance that the framework had enclosed the dead at the time of their internment.  The skeletons were so far decayed as to crumble upon exposure to the atmosphere, but were all of very large size.  An osfemur (the largest found here) was 28 inches in length."
   Another find of giant skeletons was found near this site and also described in the History of Cattaraugus County.
  'On examination,' writes Mr. Older, "They proved to be skeletons entire, having been deposited there three or four feet in depth.   A remarkable characteristic of these skeletons was there enormous proportions.  Compared with my own stature and physical formation they must have been giants indeed.

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9 Foot Ancient Giant Examined by San Bernardino, California Coroner

9 Foot Ancient Giant Examined by San Bernardino, California Coroner

Los Angeles Times, July 21, 1936

     Suspension of work in a Lytle Creek gravel pit, where Saturday the skull of an ancient giant was unearthed by a contracting company's steam shovel, today constituted the county's contribution to science. There will be no further digging in the pit until scientists have had an opportunity to examine the gravel and excavate with more precision for possible additional information on the early inhabitants of California.

Find On Exhibition

      Meanwhile, the skull of the giant, together with several small bones, today rested on an improvised table in the County Coroner's office while hundreds of curious filed past. The skull, far larger than that of the present-day man, has characteristics that, to the layman, seem to classify it with the Mongolian race. High cheekbones, powerful jaws and teeth that would not be amiss on a carnivorous animal immediately attract attention. Local amateur scientists have expressed the opinion that if the remainder of the skeleton were of the corresponding size with a skull, a man of eight or nine feet in height could easily be visioned. Coroner Williams is satisfied that clues to early life on this continent have been uncovered.

Bears Out Theory

 Several vertebrae, a leg bone and several finger bones bear out his contention. They are on the same enormous scale as the skull. 

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids With Double Rows of Teeth Discovered in Minnesota

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids With Double Rows of Teeth Discovered in Minnesota

The Aborigines of Minnesota  1906

     Mr. R. M. Van DeVoort gave information concerning the exploration of a mound of this group about the year 1885.  The bones were about 3 ft. from the surface and consisted of six skeletons, each skeleton occupying a space about 18 inches by 30 inches. The lower jawbone was large, the teeth, so far as found, all double, the brow considerably receding backward, thigh-bone 22 inches long, upper arm-bone 14 inches long. These bones were taken to Chicago by a doctor some five years after they were discovered. 

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Two Giant Petrified Human Skeleltons Discovered in Pennsylvania

Two Giant Petrified Human Skeletons Discovered in Pennsylvania

Tensas Gazette,   (Saint Joseph, Louisiana)  June 11, 1915,
Petrified Bones of Man and Woman Discovered by Pennsylvania
 Pittsburgh, PA–Two petrified skeletons-one of a man of giant stature and the other of a woman somewhat smaller-were found in a cavern blasted out of solid blue rock in a Hulston hillside by quarrymen. A crevice led into a cavern about six feet high and fifteen feet square. Geologists , say they evidently belong to a prehistoric age.