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Hieroglyphs With A Biblical Quote Found In Nephilim Giant's Grave in Ohio

Hieroglyphs With A Biblical Quote Found In Nephilim Giant's Grave in Ohio
Tablet removed from a burial mound in Muskinghum County, Ohio that contained skeletons over 9 feet in length.  With them was this tablet with a quote from the Bible.

History of Muskingum County, Ohio 1882

Iam the Alpha and the Omega, saith the 
Lord God, which is and which was, and which is 
to come, the Almighty ; giving first, -power on 
earth; secondly, the spirit, added from heaven 
without ending. 

" The heavens declare the glory of God,''"' as a 
seal of His -power to bless, first, with life, and 
forever, these servants.

I photographed for Dr. J. F. Everhart an engraved stone, said to have been exhumed
from a mound in Brush Creek Township, and that I have this day identified the negative
that I then took, in the Gallery No.1 Main street, Zanesville, Ohio ; that when I was about
to print the picture for Dr. Everhart I assured him I could, by retouching the negative,
make the characters on the stone appear plainer, and that Dr. Everhart objected,
saying he wanted nothing more or less than an exact copy of the stone, with- out any
alterations whatever, and that I am prepared to identify the stone from which the negative
referred to was taken, and that there was no sign of any recent engraving or marking on
the engraved side of the stone.

The discovery that " Alpha and Omega " are the first two characters of the inscription
 was as startling as it is true. And the connection with the Great    Pyramid, as indicated
 by the  corresponding signs, " the angle stones," found onlyOn the Pyramids, and 
upon this   gravestone, as far as now known, began to loom    up, and Mr. Smyth's 
three keys for the opening of the Great Pyramid seemed to    have a bearing upon this
 inscription ; so that they are here quoted for the  benefit of the reader. 
The inscription on the tablet taken from the mound in Brush Creek Township is 
composed of three different forms of ideation, which are made out to be Demotic  
or Enchorial, Hieroglyphic and Greek. The Demotic, according to Herodotus, 
had ceased to be used 525 B. C. ; the Hieroglyphics had ceased to  be used about the third
 century, A. D., and Greek  characters were then used as ideations. The inscription,
 therefore, must d^te back to the     time when one of these classes ceased to be used,
 which was 425 B. C. 

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