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Bronze Age, Nephilim Weapons Technology Discovered in the Upper Great Lakes

Bronze Age, Nephilim Weapons Technology Discovered in the Upper Great Lakes.  

  Middle Bronze Age weapons technology of tanged daggers and socketed spearheads are found in the Upper Great Lakes associated with the Copper Culture.  Is it by chance that this technology arrives in North America at the same time the Isle St. Royal copper was being extensively mined.  Over 50,0000 tons of copper mined from this region has never been accounted for; where did it go? The most plausible explanation is that it was removed by Eastern Mediterranean metal traders, known as the Amorites.  The Amorites were the accounted giant race written of in the Bible.

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Giant Human Graveyard Located in Madison County, Kentucky

Giant Human's Graveyard Located in Madison County, Kentucky

Burial mound located in Madison County, Kentucky.  More giants human skeletons were uncovered near Richmond, Kentucky than anywhere else in the State.

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky V. II, History of Kentucky, 1874 (Madison county)
Ancient cemetery- A race of giants on five high points on Caldwell Campbell’s farm, and on a farm of Samual and Walker Madison, adjoining, 8 miles southwest of Richmond, are burial grounds of pre-historic inhabitants- in all embracing fully 3 acres. On one part, about one and a half acres, have been discovered the skeletons of giants- The femur, tibia, skull, and inferior maxillary bones so large, when compared with the size of the late John Campbell (himself 6 feet 4 inches high) as to indicate a race 7 to 8 feet high. John Campbell slipped the inferior jaw bone of one entirely over his own, flesh and all.

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Giants- Once Roamed the Earth - Free Video

Giants- Once Roamed the Earth - Free Video
Author Fritz Zimmerman's presentation based on his book, "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."

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Modern Nephilim Giants Photo Montage

Photographic Montage of Modern Giant Humans.  Are these the remnants of the Nephilim giants?  Photos of a few of the largest human in modern history.

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Giant Nephilim Skeleton Found at the Square Earthwork in Portsmouth, Ohio

Giant Nephilim Skeleton Found at the Square Earthwork in Portsmouth, Ohio

Square section of the Portsmouth, Ohio earthworks that are situated across 

the  river in Kentucky

Bluffton Chronicle, Bluffton Indiana, October 3, 1894,  

"A Giants Remains Found. Portsmouth Ohio 

     The skeleton of a man seven feet in height was found under an old oak on Pete 

Thompson's  place, a few miles below this city, in Kentucky. The skeleton evidently belonged 

toprehistoric race that threw up the earthworks still visible at that place and known as the 

"old fort." A crown of beaten sterling silver encircled the head and there were many other 

evidences of the princely character of the "deceased". The find is considered a great one as 

the skeleton's position under the tree proves that it must have been entombed many 

hundreds of years ago. An exploring party of archaeologists will be on the ground and the 

details of the discovery will be sent to the Smithsonian Institution

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California Giant's Skulls Linked with the Adena of the Ohio Valley

California Giant's Skulls Linked with the Adena of the Ohio Valley

The same type of round headed giants with "highbrows," are common in the Ohio Valley burial mounds

Spokane Daily Chronicle, June 14, 1922

   They Were Seven Feet in Height According to Discoveries just Made. The original residents of Southern California were giants, seven feet in height, according to an anthropological discovery of the University of California near McFarland, in the heart of the oil fields. They were also "highbrows" with large, well rounded heads. They lived in mounds and used implements of stone. The excavations are being made under the direction of Arling Steinberger, in a now dry lake where the soil is heavily impregnated with alkaline salts and a seepage of petroleum. This chemical combination acted as an ideal preservative, so that the skeletons were found in a fine state of preservation. The first mound uncovered evidence was a burying ground, as the skeletons were found lying or sitting facing the east, as was customary in the last rites of primitive peoples. The skeletons are believed to be those of the first dwellers in Southern California.

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Giant's Graveyard Marks the Site of an Ancient Battle in Louisiana

Giant's Graveyard Marks the Site of an Ancient Battle in Louisiana

The News Sentinel, January 5, 1919
In Life They Averaged 12 in Height
    Winnsboro, La., Dec. 15. – The skeletons of a race of giants who averaged twelve feet in height were found today by workmen engaged upon a drainage project at Crowville, near here. 
     There are several score, at least, of the skeletons and they lie in various positions. It is believed they were killed In a prehistoric fight, and that the bodies lay where they fell until covered with alluvial deposits due to the flooding of the Mississippi River.
    No weapons of any sort were found, and it is believed the Titans must have struggled with wooden clubs. The skulls are a perfect state of preservation, and one of the jawbones is large enough to fit around a child’s body.

Early Sioux Indian Mound Builder Giant Uncovered in Minnesota

Early Sioux  Indian Mound Builder Giant Uncovered in Minnesota

The New York Times, May 25, 1882
The Bones of a Giant Found
    St. Paul, Minn., May 24. - A skull of heroic size and singular formation has been discovered among the relics of the mound builders in the Red River Valley.  The mound was 60 feet in diameter and 12 feet high.  Near the center were found the bones of about a dozen men and women, mixed with the bones of various animals.  The skull in question was the only perfect one and near it were found some abnormally large body bones.  The man who bore it was evidently a giant.  A thorough investigation of the mound and its contents will be made by the Historical Society.

Giant Graveyard Excavated at Tioga Point, Pennsylvania

Giant Graveyard Excavated at Tioga Point, Pennsylvania

Grand Rapids Tribune, November 9, 1916
Giant Graveyard Excavated at Tioga Point, Pennsylvania
    Canal workers at Valentine, Nebraska, recently uncovered, ten feet beneath the surface, the skeleton of an Indian warrior.  The overlying strata indicated that the bones had been inanimate for several hundred years. On July 13 Professor Skinner of the American Indian museum, excavating the mound at Tiogo Point, near shore, Pa., uncovered the bones of 68 men, which he estimates had been buried at least seven or eight hundred years.  The average height indicated by the skeletons was seven feet, but many were taller.  Evidences of the gigantic size of these men were seen in the huge axes found inside the bones, says Christian Herald.

Skull Charts Show the Lovelock Giants Were Caucasian

Skull Charts Show the Lovelock Giants Were Caucasian

The Lovelock, Nevada giants was described as having red hair and were clearly the remains of an ancient Caucasian race.

Skull chart showing the different skull types of the three most prominent races. The Lovelock skull is clearly Caucasian.

Nevada State Journal, October 3, 1936
     Several years ago, there was discovered in a cave situated in the desert range near Lovelock, a mummy known as the “Lovelock Giant.” Many stories credit the pre-historic Indian giant as being 11 feet tall. The truth is that the figure, still with reddish hair on the skull was 9 1/2 feet in length. The mummy is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. It is the largest human specimen ever discovered.

Wichita, Kansas Shoe Store Displays a 9 Foot Nephilim Mummy

Wichita, Kansas Shoe Store Displays a 9 Foot Nephilim Mummy

Wichita Daily Eagle August 25, 1899
    A giant Scandinavian mummy nine feet tall is on exhibition in the building in the rear of Aurell's shoe store. It is a genuine article and most wonderful to behold.  

8 Feet, 7 inch Cro Magnon Giant Skeletal Remains Uncovered in France

8 Feet, 7 inch Cro Magnon Giant Skeletal Remains Uncovered in France

The Giant Cro Magnon skeleton was the genesis of the giant race that would flourish across the globe

Evening Tribune, August 16, 1935
Ancient French Giants Exhumed 
Gap, France -AP- Road menders near here uncovered the cemetery of some ancient tribe of giants. The skeletons, one of which measured 8 feet 7 inches, lay on a stone sarcophagus formed of flat stones.

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Giant Human Skelelton Discovered in a California Cavern

Giant Human Skelelton Discovered in a California Cavern

L. A. Times, September 3, 1916. 
     The discovery of a skull, jawbones and femur of giant proportions by D. L. Gilliland and F. M. Puntenney of Moonpark, in a cavern in one of the canyons of the great Pisgah Grando Rancho just over the Ventura county line, lends color to the belief, long held by residents of that scenic section, that the burying place of a prehistoric race of giants has been found. The find was made under peculiar circumstances, Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney who are officers of the law at Moonpark, were searching for two Mexicans, said to have been connected with robberies at Moonpark and Santa Susana. After scouring the various canyons they came upon a wide cavern deep in the brush and hidden from view by a rugged rampart of rocks.
      Seeing that there was an opening in which the fugitives might take shelter, Mr. Puntenney pulled aside the underbrush and peered into the depths. Within he saw the grinning skull of huge size and the great femur, that must have formed the thigh bone of a mighty giant.  In this vast and silent region are to be seen ancient ruins that still stand in mute testimony of the fact that at some remote period in the history of our sunny Southland a race of giants lived and moved and had their being. And that in these small but fertile valleys, this long forgotten race built their crude homes and practiced the arts of life according to their original lights.The skull, jawbones and femur of the giant's skeleton found by Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney, were brought to Moonpark in an office in that town, where examined by Dr. Philo Hull, who has pronounced them unquestionably those of a human being. The bones are being preserved and are on exhibition, they are attracting a great deal of attention.

Skulls Belonging to the "Missing Link," Discovered in North Carolina

Skulls Belonging to the "Missing Link," Discovered in North Carolina

New Ulm weekly review., May 23, 1883,
Remarkable Skulls.
     North Carolina rejoices in the unexpected discovery, in an an ancient mound, of fifty-six skeleton some of them of great size and with most remarkable skulls.” This is interesting. Hitherto the ancient mounds supposed to have been erected by a prehistoric race have
yielded nothing more remarkable than stone hatchets, flint arrowheads and some dishes of a quality that would have disgraced our American “pottery infant" in its most infantile days. Skulls, however, when remarkable area of generalinterest. A collection of human skulls from the earliest times to the present day, could it be hadwould enable scientists to write an acurate history of human development,and probably to discover what was ” the missing link." In what respect the North Carolina skulls are remarkable the dispatches do not say; but if their owners had attained only to that degree of development which the mound builders are believed to have reached, the skulls must be of the most remarkable size.

Petrified, 12 Foot Human Giant Discovered in British Columbia

Petrified, 12 Foot Human Giant Discovered in British Columbia

The New York Times, August 17, 1885

A Petrified Giant
    Victoria, British Columbia, Aug., 5 -  The body of a petrified giant has been found by two farmers who were sinking a well 10 miles from town.  Its appearance closely resembles that of a human being.  The head has the appearance of having been scalped.  The material is as hard as flint and the arms and legs are broken short off.  The veins and the ribs are plainly traced.  A party has gone out for the legs and arms and hands.  The man alive must have been about 12 feet in height.

Giant Human Skeletons are Discovered on Florida's East Coast

Giant Human Skeletons are Discovered on Florida's East Coast

Shell mounds are found the extent of the Florida shores.  Many of these shell mounds contained the giant remains of an ancient race.

The Palm Beach Post, October 2, 1934
    The continual wash of the Atlantic ocean cutting through a narrow coastal island about one mile south of St. Lucie Inlet has exposed the bones of men evidently laid to rest hundreds of years ago, says the Fort Pierce News-Tribune. Skeletons of nine individuals were discovered, some in the shallow waters of the inlet and others beneath the nearby sand. All of the men were unusually tall and must have been sturdy giants in their day. One jaw bone taken from the site measured eight and a half inches from the joint of the jaw to where it hinged on the skull. One shin bone was almost twice the length of the ordinary shin bone of today.

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Once Roamed the Connecticut Shores

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Once Roamed the Connecticut Shores

The Evening world., August 19, 1922
Skeletons of Stone Age Men
Prehistoric Inhabitants of Nutmeg State Were Flat Heads of Great Strength and Huge Teeth.
     BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Aug. 19. Two complete skeletons, believed to have belonged to Inhabitants of the earth In the Stone Age, are said to have been unearthed by a band of archaeologists, headed by Prof. Warren King Moorehead, near the Housntonic River, at Laurel Beach. The professor and his assistants have been digging in this section for some time and claim discovery of a number of indications that the section was once inhabited by a forgotten race.
     Both skeletons appear to be well preserved. The bones are rough, denoting great strength, the skulls are flat and both possess a perfect set of teeth of unusual size. Prof. Moorehead said It was his belief the bodies were buried In salt water several thousand years ago, which accounts for their preservation. He also expressed the hope that he and his assistants would soon locate a burial ground of the ancient race.

Giant Skeletal Remains Discovered in Stone Tomb Near the Cahokia Mounds

Giant Skeletal Remains Discovered in Stone Tomb Near the Cahokia Mounds

The Utah County Democrat, November 28, 1908
Burial Place of Giants.
     East St. Louis, – Human bones, believed to have been those of sixteen mound builders, were found in East St. Louis on Tuesday by workmen who were digging an excavation. One skeleton was walled up in a stone tomb eight feet high. It was that of a man apparently seven feet tall. When the stones were removed the skeleton fell into two pieces. Buried under seven feet of earth near the base of this ancient tomb were the skeletons of fifteen men, all above normal height, they were seated in a circle about the tomb.

Giant Nephilim Skeleton Found in Iowa Burial Mound

Giant Nephilim Skeleton Found in Iowa Burial  Mound

Megalithic stone chambers in Iowa hold the remains of a  ancient giant race.

Boston Evening Transcript Sep 25, 1897 
Relic Hunters Find a Giant
   Aldora, Iowa, Sept. 25 - A party of relic hunters, exploring one of the numerous mounds in Black Hawk Country, on the Cedar River, east of here has been discovered in one of the graves the skeletons of a prehistoric man much more than ordinary size.  Stone implements, pottery and arrowheads were found in the mound.  Dr. E. C. Gaines of Eldora contemplates making some extensive explorations