Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maritime Archaic Slate Points Dating 3,000 B.C. Found in Northern Indiana

Maritime Archaic Slate Points Dating 3,000 B.C. found in Northern Indiana

The slate points on the left are from Maine and were illustrated in The Lost Red Paint People of Maine, 1930 by Walter Brown Smith.To the right are identical slate points found in Dekalb County, Indiana and photographed by Cameron Parks. Many of the skeletal remains of the Maritime Archaic were giants, more on Indiana's ancient giants here

Brewerton points are found throughout northern Ohio and into northwest Indiana. There have been two historical reports of Maritime Archaic artifacts in Northeast Indiana. Mark Schurr, from Indiana University did an archaeological survey of Lagrange County and concluded that prior to 1,500 B.C. the cultural influence of the county was from the northeast and also diagrammed a few Red Paint People/Maritime Archaic points. In another paper entitled “Slate Artifacts from Dekalb County, Indiana,” submitted to the Indiana Historical Society by Cameron Parks who was a local collector of artifacts in Northeast Indiana. Parks photographed several of the slate points and realized that they were identical to points that are found in the northeast and found with the Maritime people.