Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ancient Human Giant's Mass Grave Discovered in California

Ancient  Human Giant's Mass Grave Discovered in California

Primitive skull of one of the ancient giants exhumed from a cave in San Joaquin, California

Berkeley Daily Gazette, June 1, 1929
By United Press
   Stockton, June 3, - The theory that a race of giant men once inhabited the San Joaqion Valley, advance by Dr. J. Kroeck, professor of biology at the College of the Pacific, now is supported by new evidence.
   Two railway employees, Frank Fesrrara and Earl Cusilidge, have revealed the discovery of a cavern in Calvaras County, littered with the remains of more than 200 skeletons, the bones of which are of unusual size.
Fesrara and Cusilidge said that the skull found in the cavern were much larger than those of present day race.  They said that the jaw bones were twice the size of a normal man's and that rib formations were nearly the size of a steer's.