Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stone Alter for Human Sacrifice Discovered at the Portsmouth Ancient Cermonial Earthen Temple

Stone Altar for Human Sacrifice Discovered at the Portsmouth Ancient Ceremonial Earthen Temple

Photo shows the Children's home in the background with the horseshoe shaped work in the foreground.

Prehistoric America, 1905

Mr. T. W.Kinney says the mound, which was a natural elevation, was selected as the site for a children's house. In excavating the cellar there was discovered a circular altar composed of stones which were standing close together, and showed evidence of heat.  This altar was four feet below the surface. leading from the altar was a channel about eighteen inches wide, composed of clay, which was designed to "Carry off the blood,' giving the idea that human sacrifices were offered here, as upon the altars of Avebury, England.

The Children's home and the site of the altar for human sacrifice was within the circular earthwork to the north of the horseshoe shaped earthworks.