Monday, November 30, 2015

7 Foot Nephilim Queen Buried with Servants in a Highland County Burial Mound

7 Foot Woman's Skeleton Discovered in Highland County Burial Mound

Burial Mound photographed in Highland County

 "History of Ross and Highland Counties,"
      The findings of archaeologists studying the Cooper mound near Leesburg were recorded:
"It was originally a symmetrical and beautiful mound, probably from 100 to 120 feet in diameter and 25 to 30 feet high. It was found to have regularly stratified composition. The first layer was three feet of loam. Next came 10 to 12 feet of hard, compact clay showing in some places the effect of intense heat. Then came three or four feet of ashes, charcoal, calcined bones and fragments of wood, which, when removed, disclosed a thin layer of a plaster-like substance containing skeletons of five humans, stone tools, ornaments, etc. These skeletons lay with the skulls together and the feet wide apart which suggested the form of a star or spokes in a wheel. At the feet of the tall skeleton of a woman about seven feet long, were found awl or needle-shaped bone or horn implements and close by three copper bracelets. It was claimed that pearl-like necklaces were also found around her neck.