Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Large Dakota Sioux Hopewell Indians are Removed from the Kamp Buriial Mound Site in Alton, Illinois

Alton Evening Telegraph (Alton, Illinois)  Aug 30, 1960

The Hopewell Dakota  Sioux,  Kamp Mound Site in Alton, Illinois

    Skeletons indicated men six feet tall, More than 100 skeletons have been taken from four mounds atop the bluff near Kampsville by Perino during the summer, the largest such find in a long history of digging into burial grounds of the Hopewell (Dakota Sioux) who lived in this region 2,000 years ago.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Who Were the Neanderthal Hybrids Found Across North America?

Who Were the Neanderthal Hybrids Found Across North America?

Beetle browed skulls have been uncovered across North America. This newspaper article compared their find in the Burton Mound with Spy Neanderthal.

Washington Post October 25, 1923
Find Two Skeletons of Primitive Men
Beautiful Spearhead Beside Gorilla-like Skulls in California
     Santa Barbara , Calif.,   October 24, - Excavators, representing the Smithsonian Institution, today, uncovered two skeletons at the Burton Mound in this city, which the human records far back beyond the dawn of history on this continent, in the opinion of JP Harrington, in charge of the excavation.

    The skeletons were about 4 feet below the ancient ground surface. The bones of the bodies were all but disintegrated, but the skulls were well preserved. These show a type of man almost of gorilla order. The faces were long and the jaws massive, while the skull bones were most massive. The ridges over the brows are projecting and the forehead slants backwards. Beside the first skeleton was a beautiful black obsidian spearhead four and a half inches long. Experts said the bones were those of a  race-long antedating native tribes in the vicinity when the Spaniards came.