Monday, February 1, 2016

The Sacred Via's Nephilim-Gematria Numerology at Piketon, Ohio

The Sacred Via's Gematria Numerology at Piketon, Ohio 

666 and 660 for the Sun Father

1080 for the Earth Mother 

Early woodcut of the Sacred Via at Piketon, Ohio that was 1080 feet long.  1080 was the number for the Earth Mother in the Gematria Numerology Codex.

Photos taken around 1890 of the Piketon, Ohio, Adena Sacred Via.

The Sacred Via at Piketon, Ohio was capped with this earthen burm

There is a large Adena burial mound that is surrounded by smaller mounds.  The smaller mounds would have eventually been incorporated into the construction of a very large mound. It is the only place where you can see the early stages of what would have become one of Ohio's larger Adena burial mounds.

The Sacred Via was 1080 feet in length that was the Gematria numerology number for the Earth Mother. The mound group is shown is at the end of the earthen walls measuring 420 and 240 feet.

A closer view of the measurement reveals the "Sacred Marriage of Opposites," or Holy Union that was represented in the measurements of these earthen burms.  420 + 240 = 660, the Number of the male Sun. 420 + 420 + 240 =  1080 and the Gematria number for the Earth Mother.  They used lengths of  420 and 240 to represent the Sacred Marriage. The most common number for the Sun Father was 666. 212 X pi = 666.  It's all here!