Saturday, May 14, 2016

4,000 Giants Found in Mass Grave at Cambria, New York. Algonquins Invade the Mound Builders Territories to the South

4,000 Giants Found in Mass Grave at Cambria New York. Algonquins Invade the Mound Builders Territories to the South

Numerous mass graves have been found along the southern tier of Lake Ontario and Erie.  The mound builders of the Ohio Valley constructed hundreds of forts to stop the Algonquin Indian invasion into the Ohio Valley from their homelands in Canada.

History of Niagara County, New York, 1878

Town of Cambria

   A search enabled them to come to a pit, but a slight distance from the surface. The top of the pit was covered with slabs of the Medina Sandstone, and was twenty-four feet square by four and a half in depth- the planes agreeing with the four cardinal points. It was filled with human bones of both sexes and all ages. They dug down at one extremity, and found the same layers to extend to the bottom, which was the same dry loam, and from their calculations they deduced that at least four thousand souls had perished one great massacre. In one skull two flint arrowheads were found, and many had the appearance of having been fractured and cleft open by a sudden blow. They were piled in regular layers, but with no regard to size or sex… One hundred and fifty persons a day visited this spot the first season, and carried off the bones. They are now nearly all gone and the pit ploughed over. The remains of a wall were traced near the vault. Some of the bones found in the latter were of unusual size. One of these was a thighbone that had been healed of an oblique fracture. One was the upper half of a skull so large that that of a common man would not fill it.