Saturday, May 21, 2016

70 Nephilim Giants With Horns Removed from Pennsylvania, Burial Mound

70 Giant Humans With Horns Removed from New York, Burial Mound

The abnormality of horns growing from the forehead has been documented in numerous cases of reports of giant human skeletons that were removed from burial mounds.

New York Times July 14, 1916
Scientists Unearth Relics of Indians Who Lived 700 Years Ago
      BINGHAMTON, July 13 - Professor A. B. Skinner of the American Indian Museum, Prof. W. K. Morehead of the Phillips Andover Academy, and Dr. George Donohue, Pennsylvania State Historian, who have been conducting researches along the Susquehanna have uncovered an Indian Mound at Tioga Point, on the upper portion of Queen Eathers Flats, on what is known as the Murray farm, a short distance from Sayre Penn., which promises rich additions to Indian lore.
    In the mound uncovered were found the bones of sixty-eight men which are believed to have been buried 700 years ago.  The average height of these men was seven feet, while many were much taller.  Further evidence of their gigantic size was found in large celts or axes hewed from stone and buried in the grave.  On some of the skulls two inches above the perfectly formed forehead, were protuberances of bone. Members of the expedition say that it is the first discovery of its kind on record and a valuable contribution to the history of the early races.
     The skull and a few of the bones found in one grave were sent to the American Indian Museum