Friday, May 20, 2016

Earthworks in Ohio that were Squared Circles: Constructed by the Amorite Giants (Nephilim)

Nephilim Giant's Squared Circles in Ohio

   The mathematical problem of "squaring a circle" was solved by the Amorite Babylonians as early as 1800 B.C.  The Amorites were the accounted giant race in the Bible. Squaring a circle is the act of making a circle and a square with the same areas.

   The ancient religious symbolism of the circle was that of the male sun and the square represents the four winds of the earth Mother. By squaring the circle, both the Sun and Earth Deities were equal, representing the Sacred Marriage of Opposites.

Circle and Square earthwork at Circleville, Ohio, where the circle and the square were of equal areas.  Large skeletons were found in burial mounds around this earthwork.  Amorite Babylonian Sacred Geometry, expressed mathematically as a squared circle is not serendipitous, as archaeologists would like to believe, but clear and convincing evidence that the giant race in Ohio had its origins in ancient Babylon.

A more precise diagram of where the squared circle earthwork was located in present day, Circleville, Ohio. The city name comes from the earthwork.