Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gematria Numerology of the "Sacred Union of Opposites" (1746) at the Lexington, Kentucky Henge and the Great Pyramid.

Gematria Numerology of the "Sacred Union of Opposites"  (1746) at the Lexington, Kentucky Henge and the Great Pyramid.

The Lexington, Kentucky henge and the Great Pyramid of Egypt follow the principles of the ancient numerological codex of Gematria the was established by the Amorites giants when they controlled Babylon as early as 1895  B.C.

The core numbers of Gematria Numerology are 666 that was symbolic of the Sun male deity and 1080 that represented the female Earth or Lunar goddess.

555 represented the number of 'fusion' of the two principles or the Sacred Marriage.

555 X pi =1746 or the sum total of 1080 + 666

According to John Mitchell in "The New View Over Atlantis, 1969"

     "One of the ways in which the number of fusion, 1746, relates to the Great pyramid is illustrated in the diagram overleaf, in which the profile of the Pyramid is placed in association with the basic figure of Sacred Geometry and architecture known as the vesica piscis or 'vessel of the fish'.  The figure of the vesica is fromed by the intersection of two equal circles, the circumference of each of which passes throuth the centre of the other.  It is not merely a figure of abstract geometry, since it occurs in many patterns of nature.  It represents a state of perfect equilibrium between two equal forces, and in the symbolic vocabulary of the bold geometers it was an image of the interpenetrating worlds of heaven and earth, spiritual matter, and other such complementary elements.  in this case, the hieght of the vesica being that of the Pyramid, some 481 ft., the diameter of each of the two circles forming it is equal to that of the number divided by half the sqaure root of 3, 555.5 ft., and the circumference of each circle is therefore 1746 ft.
     According to Mitchell,   "The dimensions and geometry of the Great Pyramid relate symbolically to the 'number of fusion', 1746, in that the Pyramid's height of 481 ft. forms the longer axis of a vesica piscis made by the intersection of two equal circles of circumference of 1746 ft. The perimeter of the rhombus contianed within the vesica is 1110 ft. and the area of the rhombus 66600 sq. ft.