Saturday, August 27, 2016

Megalithic Mounds and Stone Circles Described in the Biblical Levant

     In Mr. Harper's very interesting book, " The Bible and Modern Discoveries," he says on page 112 — " Scattered all over the Sinai peninsula are rude stone buildings. They call these stone buildings Nawamis. They are rude in construction, circular at base, rising like a cone, and having a very small entrance door." The beehive huts in Portland seem to be identical in construction with them. Mr. Harper says that " stone circles, like the so-called Druidical circles, are frequently found." Writing about the examination of the ruins of Heshbon, on page 124, he says — " On the hilltop they found the oldest stone monuments as yet found in Syria. Cromlechs were numerous. Ruins of a cairn with a circle of stones of moderate size surrounding it — the circle 40 feet in diameter. Lower down the hill another circle, 200 yards in diameter, consisting of two rows of stones, with an interval of eight feet between them. There is a second group of cromlechs on the north side of Wady Heshbon, about a mile away. All these, 16 in number, are so placed as to obtain a view of the hill east of them ; and all are placed on the east slope, none on the west. All this points to the fact that Heshbon was a sacred mountain, and that the cromlechs were built facing it, in positions whence the sacred centre might be seen with the sun rising behind it." The orientation of Stonehenge is admittedly similar to the work at Heshbon just mentioned.

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