Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pawnee Hopewell Mound Builders?

Pawnee Hopewell Mound Builders?

This model of a Hopewell mound builder was done by the Ohio Historical Society using the facial features of a Pawnee Indian.  There are several interesting similarities with the Pawnee and the earlier Hopewell that includes celestial star worship, Sun worship, human sacrifice and earth lodges.  Their proximity to the Oto Sioux is interesting in that we know they were in Ohio at the time of the Hopewell.

           Discover the Native American Sioux Hopewell Mound Builders in the Ohio Valley

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The True Story of Lilith: Adam's First Wife

The True Story of Lilith: Adam's First Wife

    This is a great video that explains why there are two Eve's that were created in the Bible.  The first Eve rebelled against being subservient to Adam and left. It is believed that Lilith stole Adam's seed to create the giant Nephilim

The True Story of Lilith: Adam's First Wife

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Genesis 6:2 "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Genesis 6:2 "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Algonquin's Walam Olum and the Story of the Eradication of the Ohio Giants

The Algonquin's Walam Olum and the Story of the Eradication of the Ohio Giants

The Algonquin Indians were originally in the north but desired the lands to the south in the Ohio Valley.  The battles were fought along the southern tier of the St. Lawrence.  In the lands of today's New York and Pennsylvania are numerous mass graves of giant warriors who were outnumbered and slaughtered; leaving an open path to the Ohio Valley.

                                     Get the whole story and evidence of the great war here.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Giant Human Nephilim Skeletons Headlines

Giant Human Nephilim Skeletons Headlines

Giant Human Nephilim Skeletons Found In California

This is the actual photo of the 9 foot human giant discovered in California. The man on the right is from the Smithsonian.

This mummified Nephilim woman and child were also discovered in California. The woman stood nearly 7 foot high when she was alive.

Giant Human Nephilim Were Found In A Shell Mound in San Francisco

Giant human Nephilim skeletons remains baffled scientist with their "archaic" traits that were described as being more Neanderthal

Many of the remains of the giant human Nephilim skeletons had more archaic" or Neanderthal like physical traits.

Giant Human Prehistoric Nephilim Skull that was found In Oregon.  Many of the skulls were described as the "Missing Link" with sloping foreheads, protruding brow ridges and massive jaws. Identical skull types were found on the Atlantic coast.

Giant Humans Nephilim Skulls with Archaic or Neanderthal Skulls were found the extent of the Pacific coast.

Several accounts of giant Nephilim skeletons were found in the Aleutian Islands that is evidence f a Maritime migration to this continent.

Remains of Giant Human Nephilim Skeletons can be traced across the Aleutians to the northern Japanese Islands. A similar material culture extends back to the west to the Baltic Sea and onward to the Eat coast of North America.

Giant Human Nephilim Skeletons were found the extent of the Atlantic seaboard

Giant Human Nephilim skeletons were found in Brooklyn, New York

This is just one of the many historical accounts of giant human Nephilim skeletons that were found in New York State.

More Nephilim giant humans were found while constructing a railroad through the city of New York

Giant Human Nephilim were also found in Mass.  Many of the finds being  near or o the coasts that was evidence of a Maritime people.

Headline is from a find of a giant (Nephilim)human skeletons in Ireland. Evidence of migrations from north western Europe is not only evident from the large skeletons found over there, but an identical material culture.  So much so, that placed on a table, even an expert can not tell the difference between those of Europe and the Coastal North America.

Reports of giant Nephilim humans were found across northern Europe.  The origins of the giants was with the CroMagnon species of early man.

Large Nephilim Skull from northern Europe displays the same "archaic" type traits as those in North America with a sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge. Yes, the were the same peoples.

Continuing down the Atlantic seaboard, giant Nephilim skeletons were found o the coastal city of Jamestown Virginia.

Nephilim Giant human skeletons found along the coast of Georgia.

A closer look at the giant Nephilim skeleton in Georgia reveals that it was similar to those "archaic" type skull that were found on the west coast.

Giant human Nephilim skeletons were found along the Florida coast.

More giant skeletons found in Florida

Across the Gulf of Mexico,more giant human giants were found.

Skull from a mound in Louisiana with archaic traits of a sloping forehead.

Skulls of Nephilim  skeletons from a shell mound in Alabama with "archaic" skull types

Giant human Nephilim skeletons were also found along the Gulf coast of Texas.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Egyptian Roots of the Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders of the Ohio Valley

Sumerian and Egyptian Origins of the Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders

Blonde haired , blue eyed peoples from ancient Sumeria and Egypt spread west to the Canary Islands to North America.  Their DNA was noted by George Catlin who said that 1/5 of the Mandan Indians had red or blonde hair  with blue or green eyes.

The North Americans of Antiquity 1890 
    Professor Retzius, in his Smithsonian Report, considers that the primitive dolichocephalæ of America are nearly related to the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and to the population on the Atlantic seaboard of Africa, which Latham comprises under the name of an Egyptian-Atlantidæ.   
  A remarkable fact about the American Indians, and one which is a standing puzzle to ethnologists, is the wide range of colour and complexion to be found among them. From the white tint of the Dakota, Mandan and Zuni tribes, many of whom have auburn hair and blue eyes, to the almost negro blackness of the Karos of Kansas and the now extinct tribes of California, the Indian races run through every shade of red-brown, copper, olive, cinnamon, and bronze. (See Short's North Americans of Antiquity, Winchell's Pre-Adamites, and Catlin's Indians of North America; see also Atlantis, by Ignatius Donnelly who has collected a great mass of evidence under this and other heads.) We shall see by and by how the diversity of complexion on the American continent is accounted for by the original race-tints on the parent continent of Atlantis.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Who Were the Biblical Giants called, the Amorites?

Who Were the Biblical Giants called, the Amorites?

Amorites depicted by the Egyptians as a tall red-haired race

The Iraqi professor Khaz'al Majeedi in his book"The Amorites Beliefs" has an interesting theory about the Amorites, Canaanites, and the Aramean, and I will compare it to other important subjects, he concluded that the (Amorites, Canaanites and the Arameantogether is the same population related to other population (Sumerian, Babylonians, and Assyrians), and the two related groups have the same origin .

We know that the Sumerian civilization is the Cradle of civilization and that the Assyrian and the Babylonian empires had risen in Mesopotamia after the end of the Sumerian civilization, and all of them are Mesopotamian, on the other hand, Majeedi thinks that the Canaanites and Aramaeans are from Amorites origin. 

So when did the Canaanites become known as Canaanites the Arameans become Arameans?

Long time ago and Before the existence of Hebrews and Nabateans etc, around 4000 - 3000 b.c the first movement of the Amorite to the levant in several waves.(map)

In the earliest Sumerian sources, beginning about 2400 BC, the land of the Amorites ("the Mar.tu land") is associated with the West, including Syria and Canaan,many of the Amorites artifacts were discovered in the Fertile Crescent like the Statue of Amorite king Idrimi, the king of Alalakh and son of the king of Aleppo, back to the 16th century BC.(1)

The Amorites appears as nomadic people in the Mesopotamian and Egyptian sources,the Amorites were nomadic because they were living in the desert and the life in the desert Imposed them to live as nomadic ,not because they were Arab or from Arabian descent, such as the Arameans, some Arameans were nomadic tribes in the Desert in the time that the kingdom of Aram was in Damascus,(map)same population living in two different lifestyles and two different environments.(map)

Majeed also think that the Amorites who settled in the north of levant become the Aramaeans and the Amorites who settled in the south of levant become the Canaanites, and those"Amorites" who remained in the desert remained to be known as the "Amorites",And what leaves no room for doubt on Majeedi theory, is the Semitic origin of the Canaanites and Arameans names.

Transliteration: Kĕna`an Pronunciation: ken·ah'·an

"Can" means low Canaan = "lowland"
canaanites means the lowlanders (2)

"Aram" means high.

Aramaeans = highlanders (3),(4)