Monday, October 3, 2016

Egyptian Roots of the Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders of the Ohio Valley

Sumerian and Egyptian Origins of the Hopewell Sioux Mound Builders

Blonde haired , blue eyed peoples from ancient Sumeria and Egypt spread west to the Canary Islands to North America.  Their DNA was noted by George Catlin who said that 1/5 of the Mandan Indians had red or blonde hair  with blue or green eyes.

The North Americans of Antiquity 1890 
    Professor Retzius, in his Smithsonian Report, considers that the primitive dolichocephalæ of America are nearly related to the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and to the population on the Atlantic seaboard of Africa, which Latham comprises under the name of an Egyptian-Atlantidæ.   
  A remarkable fact about the American Indians, and one which is a standing puzzle to ethnologists, is the wide range of colour and complexion to be found among them. From the white tint of the Dakota, Mandan and Zuni tribes, many of whom have auburn hair and blue eyes, to the almost negro blackness of the Karos of Kansas and the now extinct tribes of California, the Indian races run through every shade of red-brown, copper, olive, cinnamon, and bronze. (See Short's North Americans of Antiquity, Winchell's Pre-Adamites, and Catlin's Indians of North America; see also Atlantis, by Ignatius Donnelly who has collected a great mass of evidence under this and other heads.) We shall see by and by how the diversity of complexion on the American continent is accounted for by the original race-tints on the parent continent of Atlantis.