Friday, November 18, 2016

Giant Skeleton Over 9 Foot Tall Found on Catalina Island, California

 Giant Skeleton Over 9 Foot Tall Found on Catalina Island, California

The skeleton of a man Who was 7 feet 8 inches tall reposed below the tomb of which the remains of 64 children were found on Catalina Island, California.

Theosophical Path Magazine, January, 1930

      A report just published in the San Diego Union gives some details of an announcement by professor Ralph Glidden, curator of the Catalina Museum. He claims overwhelming proof that a fair skinned, fair haired, highly intelligent race of great stature lived on Catalina Island, off the southwestern coast of California, perhaps three thousand years ago.

Note the skull type that features "Archaic" feautures of a protruding brow ridge and sloping forehead , which was typical of the giant race found across North America

A skeleton of a young girl, evidently of high rank, within a large funeral urn, was surrounded by those of sixty four children, and in various parts of the island more than three thousand other skeletons were found, practically all the males averaging around seven feet in height, one being seven feet eight inches from the top of his head to the ankle, and another being nine feet 2 inches tall.

Ralph Glidden examines one of the thousands of ancient skulls found on Catalina Island, California