Friday, January 6, 2017

Modern Nephilim Giants

Modern Nephilim Giants

    The prehistoric Nephilim giants displayed archaic or "primitive" characteristics of a furrowed brow, sloping forehead and massive jaw.  The current archaeological steadfast theory of "replacement" is slowly being replaced by the "assimilation" model that professes the Cro Magnon and Neanderthal did mate to create a hybrid Nephilim race of giants.
These physical characteristics do still occur with modern populations.  Nikolai Valuev, a former heavyweight boxer is 7 feet and 325 pounds.  This is the face of the ancient race of giants that was so prevalent in the Bible, at Stonehenge and the Ohio Valley.

The sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge were the major reoccurring skull characteristic of the giant remains found within the mounds in Great Britain and the Ohio Valley.

A large Nephilim skeleton was removed from a mound at Stonehenge, with "primitive" characteristics of a protruding brow ridge and sloping forehead. 

This Nephilim skull was taken from a burial mound in Circleville, Ohio.  I sent a picture of this skull to one of the most prominent archaeologists in the country who has studied thousands of skulls.  I had told him that the origin if the skull was unknown, and I was inquiring to identify the racial identity.  He wrote back and said that the skull had prominent European skull characteristics.  When I told him where the skull came from he recanted his assessment.....