Friday, March 3, 2017

Human Skulls: Different from Native American Discovered in Missouri.

Human Skulls With Skulls Different from Native American Discovered in Missouri.
Many of the giant skulls discovered in the burial mounds were described as being more "Archaic" like those of the European Cro-magnon

History of Dunklin County, Missouri 1896
    The mounds and other ancient earthworks constructed by this people are abundant in Southeastern Missouri. Some are quite large, but the greater part of them are small and inconspicuous.
     Along nearly all of the watercourses that are large enough to be navigated by a canoe, the mounds are almost invariably found, so that when one places himself in such position as to command the grandest river scenery he is almost sure to discover that he is standing upon one of these ancient tunnels, or in close proximity thereto. The human skeletons, with skulls differing from those of the Indians that are found in these mounds are usually accompanied by pottery and various ornaments and utensils showing considerable mechanical skill.
Their axes were of stone, and their military works works were such as a people would erect who had just passed to the pastoral state of society from that dependent alone from hunting and fishing. They were no doubt idolaters, and it has been conjectured that the sun was the object their adoration. The mounds were generally built in a situation affording a view of the rising sun; when enclosed in walls their gateways were toward the east and finally medals have been found representing the sun rays of light. Dunklin County is especially rich field for the archaeologists. Situated on the farm of C.V. Langdon, one mile south of Cotton Plant, is one of the largest mounds in the county, adjoining are smaller ones.

      In the north part, and, in fact, nearly all over the county at comparatively short distances, these mounds are very noticeable. Extra large-sized human bones, skulls, earthen pots, rude ornaments, and various implements have been exhumed from many of these mounds.