Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Large Adena Mound Photographed at Windsor, Indiana

Randolph County's Adena Burial Mound at Windsor

Illustrated History of Randolph County, Indiana 1882
   East of Windsor and north of tho Pike, on Esq. Thompson's far may be seen a large oval mound, covering an acre, and twenty-five or thirty feet high. It is 450 yards round the base and longer than it is wide. When dug into, it shows clay mixed with ashes, and coal more or less. A chunk, seeming to have been a sod of grass, was thrown up from tho bottom of a hole twenty feet deep, dug from the top vertically downward. A red oak tree, four feet through, was standing (forty years ago) near the top of tho mound, but no other trees of much size were on its surface. The ground around the mound was then covered with large forest trees. There are now many trees growing along the sides of the mound, from six to fifteen inches through. An excavation of considerable size appeared (forty years ago) perhaps twenty rods from tho base of the mound, which is thought to be tho place whence the earth for its construction was taken.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Neanderthal Hybrids Discovered in California

Neanderthal Hybrids Discovered in California

Boston Globe, June 25, 1922

Giant’s Graves in California

New Race of Men Dug Up, With Stone Implements Unlike Any Others

     Some of the skeletons are those of men measuring no less than 7 feet and perhaps more. Femur bones already sent to the University measure 21 inches in length.”“The skeletons represent a most astonishing race of people, who probably inhabited this country thousands of years ago,” said Mr. Steinberger. “Some of the skulls are large, with, high foreheads and well-rounded, while others are apelike, retreating from an inch above the frontal bone, with the top of the head flat and with but small space for brain activity.