Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Warren County Pennsylvania Giants

Warren County Pennsylvania Giants

History of Warren County, Pennsylvania 1887
Much has been written of the mounds, fortifications, bones, relics, ect., usually supposed to have belonged to some half -civilized people of gigantic size, who lived here before the Indians, but there is very little evidence to justify the supposition.

It has been suggested that the Indians never built breastworks, and that these fortifications were beyond their patience and skill.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

8 Dakota Sioux Gods at the Newark Octagon

8 Dakota Sioux Gods at the Newark Octagon
Wi -  The most powerful Sun god
Shkan - The sky god
Maka - The Earth Mother
Inyan - Rock and immovable things

Hanwi - Goddess of the Moon - wife of Wi

Tate -  god of the winds
Wohpe - The falling star or meteor
Wakinyan - Thunderbird

Friday, January 20, 2017

Nine Foot Nephilim Giant Discovered in Fayette County, Ohio

Nine Foot Nephilim Giant Discovered in Fayette County, Ohio

Springfield Daily Republic (Springfield, Ohio) June 5, 1888
A Giant Unearthed

Passengers arrived in Springfield on the O.S. Trains this morning, say that the skeleton of a veritable giant had been unearthed by some workman, who are engaged in digging a cistern on the farm of Louis Mallow, west of Washington Court house. Judging from the size of of the jawbone, which easily fits over the jaws of the workmen, the possessor of the skeleton must have measured eight or nine feet in height. It is not known whether the skeleton is that of an Indian or not.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nine Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Bates County, Missouri

Nine Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Bates County, Missouri

Butler Weekly Times., October 10, 1883,

Bates County, Missouri

A Giant Skeleton.
     George Arnold, 'a farm hand in the employ of Franklin Boots, who lives about fifteen miles west of this city, made a discovery which has excited wide-spread interest in this country. The object of this interest is the skeleton of what once was a man of gigantic proportions, which was uncovered in a gravel pit on Mr Boot's farm. The skeleton was found in a sitting posture facing the east, and about six feet from the surface. Some of the bodes were badly broken by the caving in of the bank but the skull and some- of the larger hones were taken out in tact, and from them may be easily realized the gigantic statue of the being to whom they once gave support. A measurement of the skull from front to rear, the rule passing through the eye socket to the back of the head, shows it to have been about sixteen inches, while the inferior maxillary was eight and one half inches, showing that the brain must have weighed tour and one half to five pounds. Careful measurements of the other bones establish the fact that the man when alive was not less than nine feet in height and large in proportion. From the appearence of the teeth, which are very large, and do not show the slightest sign of decay, although wore down almost to the bones of the jaw, the man could not havebeen less than 100 years old when he died, and it course he might have been much older. The bones ot the lower jaw are very large and thick, showing a strong muscular development in that organ which is far beyond anything of the present day. How long ago the body of this giant was interred where it was unearthed, or to what tribe or nation he belonged when he trod the earth in all the majesty of his strength it is impossible to say, but it must have been ages ago as all the indications show that the soil where the remains was discovered had not been disturbed for many generations. Steps have been taken to have casts made of the bones and they will be placed either in the state collection or some other college museums. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Foot Celtic Giant Uncovered in Ireland

10 Foot Celtic Giant Uncovered in Ireland

Feilding Star, May 16 1914, 
      While men were digging foundations for labourers' cottages at Dysart, Louth, they unearthed three human skeletons in separate graves encased with stones. One skull is entire and measures, 18 inches from the crown to the chin. The leg bones are abnormally large. The remains apparently are those of a person 10 feet high, who is presumed to have lived in a prehistoric age.

Discover Ireland's Anceint Giants

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Babylonian Canals and Dolmans Described Along the Rock River in Illinois

Nephilim Canals and Dolmans Described Along the Rock River in Illinois

Canal constructed in Babylon in 1632 B.C. by the accounted giants in the Bible known as the Amorites.

   The Nephilim Amorite controlled Babylon from 2000 B.B. - 1600 B.C. They were responsible for the construction of many of the ancient canal in Babylon. Cities of Kish, Urak and lagash all were connected by a network of canals.  2000 B.C.also falls within the megalithic era where the dead were buried within stoned dolmans that were then covered in earth giving the outward appearance of a burial mound.  
    The fact that both a burial mound with a dolman and an ancient canal are found in the same vicinity provides uncontroversial evidence that the Amorites were involved in Great Lakes trade.
Following are the historical descriptions of both the canal and dolman.  How can archaeologists continue to deny the theory of diffusion, is when such Non-Native American antiquities are presented?

History of Mifflin County Illinois, 1887

     On the banks of Green River, in Henry County in Illinois, are traces of an ancient city, which was once the abode of a commercial people, and points to a time when the Rock River was a navigable stream of some commercial importance. A canal connected these two rivers some three miles above the junction. This canal is about a mile and a half long and is perfectly straight for about one-fourth of a mile from the Green River end; it is then relieved by a perfectly easy curve, reaching the Rock River at a bend, and showing that the engineering was done in a masterly manner.

The Indian mounds of Sterling County, Illinois, are described by W. C. Holbrook as follows:
I recently made an examination of a few of the many Illinois Indian mounds found on Rock River, about two miles above Sterling, Ill. The first one opened was an oval mound about 20 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 7 feet high. In the interior of this I found a dolmen or quadrilateral wall about 10 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4½ feet wide. It had been built of lime-rock from a quarry near by, and was covered with large flat stones. No mortar or cement had been used. The whole structure rested on the surface of the natural soil, the interior of which had been scooped out to enlarge the chamber. Inside of the dolmen I found the partly decayed remains of eight human skeletons, two very large teeth of an unknown animal, two fossils, one of which is not found in this place, and a plummet.

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8 Foot Nephilim Giant Discovered by Ohio Archaeological Society

Dr. Loveberry of the Ohio State Archaeological Society Discovers an 8 Foot Nephilim Skeleton in a Chillicothe, Ohio Burial Mound.

This small article appeared in the New York Times, August 29, 1932 declaring that  Dr. Loveberry had uncovered an 8 foot Nephilim skeleton at a mound in Chillicothe ,Ohio.   

Modern Nephilim Giants

Modern Nephilim Giants

    The prehistoric Nephilim giants displayed archaic or "primitive" characteristics of a furrowed brow, sloping forehead and massive jaw.  The current archaeological steadfast theory of "replacement" is slowly being replaced by the "assimilation" model that professes the Cro Magnon and Neanderthal did mate to create a hybrid Nephilim race of giants.
These physical characteristics do still occur with modern populations.  Nikolai Valuev, a former heavyweight boxer is 7 feet and 325 pounds.  This is the face of the ancient race of giants that was so prevalent in the Bible, at Stonehenge and the Ohio Valley.

The sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge were the major reoccurring skull characteristic of the giant remains found within the mounds in Great Britain and the Ohio Valley.

A large Nephilim skeleton was removed from a mound at Stonehenge, with "primitive" characteristics of a protruding brow ridge and sloping forehead. 

This Nephilim skull was taken from a burial mound in Circleville, Ohio.  I sent a picture of this skull to one of the most prominent archaeologists in the country who has studied thousands of skulls.  I had told him that the origin if the skull was unknown, and I was inquiring to identify the racial identity.  He wrote back and said that the skull had prominent European skull characteristics.  When I told him where the skull came from he recanted his assessment.....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Ancient Giant Skeletons Found at Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Two Ancient Giant Skeletons Found Near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg Dispatch, August 23, 1892

Two Giant Human Skeletons

Beaver Falls, Aug. 22. Special "Workmen, while digging a ditch from the new shovel works 

to the river cost today, unearthed the remains of two skeletons. They are of gigantic 

size,  and are supposed to be the remains of two Indians. They have been in the ground 

for many  years, as the larger bones and skull only remain.