Giant Mummified Skeleton Uncovered in Georgia Burial Mound

The Middlebury Kentucky News. December 30, 1930
Remarkable Relics of an Extinct Race Excavated in Georgia
Mr. J. B. Toomer received a letter from Mr. Hazelton, who is on a visit to Gainsville. The letter contained several beads made of bone, and gave an interesting account of the opening of a large Indian mound near that town by a committee of scientist from the Smithsonian Institute. After removing the dirt for some distance, a layer of large flag-stones was found, which had evidently been dressed by hand and showed that the men who quarried this rock understood their business. These stones were removed, when in a kind of vault beneath them, the skeleton of a giant, seven feet two inches was found. His hair was coarse and jet black and hung to the waist, the brow being ornamented with a copper crown. The skeleton was remarkably well preserved and taken from the vault intact. Near this skeleton were found the bodies of several children of various sizes. The remains of the latter were covered with beads, made of bone of some kind. Upon removing these, the bodies were found to be inclosed in a net work made of straw and reeds, and beneath this was a covering of the skin of some animal. In fact, the bodies had been prepared somewhat after the manner of mummies, and will doubtless throw new light on the history of a people who reared these mounds. Upon the stones that covered the vault were carved inscriptions, and if deciphered will probably lift the veil that has enshrouded the history of the race of giants that undoubtedly at one time inhabited this continent. All the relics were carefully packed and forwarded to the Smithsonian Institute, and are said to be the most interesting collection ever found in America.